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How to Make Goat Milk Soap without Lye

Hey, It’s Impossible to make a soap without lye! Well, let’s make it possible with our creativity. Making fat-based soap without lye is non-sense, but if you wanna avoid lye and keep yourself or your children safe from this dangerous things, we’ll make it more fun. Making goat milk soap without lye is possible by using pre-made melt and pour soap base. Melt and pour soap is made from glycerin so we don’t require lye.

how to make goat milk soap no lye

how to make natural goats milk soap without lye

how to make homemade goats milk soap without lye

OK Let’s list what do we need to make our homemade goat milk soap without lye. First, of course, Goats’ Milk Melt and Pour Soap base, a Microwave, Wooden Spatula, Essential Oil (you can choose your desired scents, here I use Lavender oils). Spray bottle of Alcohol, it’s used to spray when you found bubbles in your soap. Just spray to remove the bubbles. Purple soap-safe dye, soap mold, and wax paper.

Let’s START! :D
OK,firstly, cut the soap base into chunks and place it in the measuring cup. Make sure that your cut is small enough and not too big. Now, wrap the measuring cup with plastic, heat it in the microwave for one minutes increments. Stir the soap slowly with the wooden spatula. Never let the soap simmer or boil. It’s time to add your essential, in this case we use lavender oil. Add 1/5 ounce of lavender essential oil to the soap base. Stir well until dissolved. If you found the bubbles, spray it with alcohol.

how to make goat's milk soap without lye at home

how do you make goat milk soap without lye

Now, add purple soap dye, add it until it reach your desired consistency. Now, pour the soap into the mold and leave it in your freezer for at least an hour. Unmold the soap Cut into your desired shape. Voila, your homemade goat milk soap without lye is ready. It’s safe, easy and fast. Wrap your soap bars in wax paper, leave it for 3-4 weeks to cure before use.

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